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Vehicle software solutions

Using digital transformation and our automotive software development services, you may make your business and Your production processes better.. Our IT solution specialists offer support for any software challenges you may face. 

From simple and fast solutions to whole systems and complex projects to embedded software for example infotainment systems, VESOFTx combines cutting-edge technology with world-class specialists to create high-impact results for you.

MRP Solutions 

Machine Learning solutions

Artificial Intelligence solutions

Embedded Software solutions

Cyber Security Implementations and consultancy

Complex Software Development ADAS, TSR/TSI

Our objectives


The most important and significant competitive factor in the automotive sector is software. Innovations like energy-efficient driving and driver assistance systems necessitate complicated solutions with complex software functions. This is where VESOFTx is helping your business to succeed and stay ahead of competitors.


Software usage in the automotive industry has increased by 47% annually. To reduce costs, offer more performance and stay ahead of the competition, digitization and transformation are essential. Being inventive and implementing cutting-edge solutions has the potential to be risky. Therefore, we specialize in cybersecurity, user safety, GDPR data protection, on-time delivery and cost efficiency.

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